Parenthood – The First Six Months

In his bassinet in the hospital
In his bassinet in the hospital
One Month Old visting Grandma
One Month Old visting Grandma

Has it been six months already?  I can’t believe it went by so quickly.  It was only yesterday that Cristian was born or if you want the complete story start here.

I’ve enjoyed being a parent but I’m still learning—I’ve only been on the job six months.  I thought about filling out a self-evaluation form like you do at work, but Cristian’s reading and writing skills are still non-existent so that will have to wait.  Esther hasn’t gotten him back with any new dings or dents so I guess that’s something.

I’ve learned a lot since Cristian came home from the hospital, some things were common sense and others were on the job training.  Through it all Esther and I still look at each other in amazement unable to believe this adorable baby is ours.

Two Months Old - Cristian about to find out what happens when an old man tells you to "Pull My FInger."
Two Months Old – Cristian about to find out what happens when an old man tells you to “Pull My FInger.”

Here are a few highlights of what I’ve learned:

  • My Son The Diva-Cristian chose his first pediatrician appointment to get the hang of breastfeeding, making the doctor wait while he gave Esther privacy. He then peed on the doctor during the examination.  The doctor, an old pro, avoided most of the spray impressing me with how fast he could move.  I’ll say this for the kid, you gotta admire his spunk.
Three Months - Quality Time with Mommy
Three Months – Quality Time with Mommy
  • Don’t Ask Me How He’s Sleeping-Cristian sleeps well, but it took him a few months to get the hang of it.  He usually sleeps from 10pm until about 5am except when someone asks how’s he sleeping? That phrase usually upsets the balance as well as his and our sleep patterns, for about three or four days.  I know your curious but please don’t ask anymore, a good night sleep depends on it.
  • There Is Never A Quick Trip to Pick Up Something For The Baby-I quickly learned when Esther said let’s make a quick trip to Buy Buy Baby or Carters to pick up something for the baby, we were going be there awhile.  I have a bag for those trips packed with water, snacks and my tablet in it.  Esther knows she can find me sitting in a chair in the baby furniture area while she shops.
Four Months - Smiling at Daddy before his baptism - Photo Rose Marie Santiago
Four Months – Smiling at Daddy before his baptism – Photo Rose Marie Santiago
  • My Son The Chic Magnet-I always knew babies drew attention, just not how much.  Cristian is magnet puling in good looking women within a five-mile radius towards him.  Of course I’m a happily-married man who doesn’t notice these things.  I thought Chico was good but this is unreal.
  • My Son The Peacemaker-Since Cristian was born we’ve see relatives we haven’t seen in years. He’s also helped us bridge the gap with the strange neighbor down the hall.  The one who never speaks but gives you the odd look when you pass her in the hallway.  She now says hello and sings to Cristian in two languages.  Go figure.
Five Months - Dressed for St. Patrick's Day
Five Months – Dressed for St. Patrick’s Day
  • My Son Likes Busty Blondes-Who can blame him? I got a kick out of watching it when friends stopped by the see the baby, when he was breast-feeding.  Cristian zoned in on their boobs.  His eyes lit up when a very well-endowed blonde friend visited.  He made his father proud.

I’ve learned a lot watching my son grow from a fragile newborn to a cute chubby-cheeked baby he is now.  His smiling face every morning makes me forget the sacrifices and the sleep deprivation.  Going forward I’m excited and a little scared of what lays ahead, but that’s okay, I’ve been a little afraid of every important decision I’ve made and more often than not, they turned out fine.

Six Months Old Today!
Six Months Old Today!
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5 thoughts on “Parenthood – The First Six Months

  • November 3, 2015 at 10:06 pm

    Hey guys, I am a new parent and I’m desperately to get my five month baby to sleep longer during night. Currently I’m fortunate to have three hours rest per night. Best wishes

    • November 3, 2015 at 10:14 pm

      Congratulations on your child. It gets better over time, or so they tell me. The blessing of a child outweighs things like sleep deprivation.

    • May 9, 2016 at 2:07 am

      Hey, re getting your baby to sleep all the night, there is a very helpful pdf document here (remove spaces) www . thepdfportal . net/tipstohelpbabysleepbetter_412186.pdf. The document was created by a non profit organization and is well worth reading. Good luck x


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